My name is Jessica Lemmerman. I am a 20-year-old student from Utrecht, the Netherlands. In July 2017 I graduated from my photography course at de Fotovakschool in Apeldoorn. September 2017 I started a Media Design study at the Media, ICT & Design College in Amersfoort.


I find a lot of joy in designing magazines and posters and for the second year of this education I will be specializing in Corporate Design. I am very organized and eager to learn, this always comes forward during my work.


I would like to learn how I can deliver good graphic work that meets the customers wishes. I am also interested in designing websites – both designing the layout and the coding.


For the period September 2018 to February 2019 I am looking for an internship in England. I hope to do this at a Media Design company that is involved in the design of magazines, flyers, business cards and things like that. I would like to do this in England so I can experience what daily life in England looks like.



"Jessica knows exactly what the assignment is and performs it well."

"I like working with Jessica because she always motivates me to continue working."

"Jessica is helpful and kind."

"Jessica is organized and always delivers quality."